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  • die werkbank

    die werkbank

    Katharina Sobotka discovered our box and immediately added it to her range of small labels and individual designs. We are happy to be in such good company at Breitegasse 1, 10170 Vienna! The first box was bought as a gift for a wedding…a good start! Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday: 2pm – 6pm Saturday:…

  • Hello, Fesches Kistl!

    Hello, Fesches Kistl!

    We are expanding our offline offer! Shopping online is convenient and saves time. But especially with a new product like ours, you don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. If you want to try our bondees before you buy, you can do that from now on in the newly opened creative store “Fesches…

  • We go Fesch’ Markt!

    We go Fesch’ Markt!

    From now on there are bondees! From November 12 to November 14, 2022, the numerous visitors to the Vienna Fesch’markt were able to get a closer look at our gift set and try out how our bondees feel. The unanimous verdict: Very comfortable and soft! It was a great pleasure for us to exhibit in…